Savvy Spring Scents For The Home!

Hey guys!  I recently picked up a few new scents for the home and wanted to share them with you today.  Spring is FINALLY here, yay!!!!  And every time the seasons change, so do the scents in my house.  Gone are the deep, rich, heavy fall and winter fragrances, this time of year I like light, airy, spring-y aromas.  I'm not a straight up floral person, but I do like it some, and I always love some type of a food scent.  This time of year I don't reach for anything pumpkin or anything like that, but a light yummy goodness is always appreciated in my house.  I always pick up some seasonal candles from more expensive stores, but I also really enjoy cheaper/more affordable brands as well.  And, my wax melts and tarts always come from Walmart or Target.  They're so good and so much easier on your wallet!  So anyways, here's what I picked up (and have been LOVING).

I absolutely love lemon flavored anything, it's just so clean and light.  This candle has both that and a yummy cake scent with it, so what you end up with is a rich lemon vanilla.  Definitely lemon-y, but that creamy food scent is mingled in too.  SO good.  On the Walmart website it showed that there are wax melts available in the same scent, but I did not see them at my store yet.  I will definitely keep an eye out though, I think they would be heavenly paired together!

ScentSationals Iced Lemon Sugar Cookies Wax Melts, $2
Very similar to the Iced Lemon Poundcake candle, this is a delicious creamy lemon scent.  Not a household cleaner smell, this is definitely a yummy food scent and I adore it.  Light and so good for spring.

Better Homes & Gardens Fresh Veranda Breeze Lemon+Jasmine Wax Melts, $2
Can you tell I'm on a lemon kick?  These duo packs of wax melts are usually my least favorite of the wax melts at Walmart, but they smelled so good in the pack that I went ahead and grabbed them.  I haven't used them yet but I am excited to.  Can't get enough lemon right now!

Better Homes & Gardens Wild Island Fruit Wax Melts, $2
Better Homes & Gardens are usually my all-time favorite wax melts.  (The ScentSationals Iced Lemon Sugar Cookies is making that harder and harder to say).  These wax melts smell so clean and fruity and light.  Perfect aroma for the warmer months!  I buy a LOT of wax melts because I burn 2 every single day in my house.  I'm definitely more a fan of wax melts than candles, cause they are just so easy!

Better Homes & Gardens Island Pomelo Dragonfruit Wax Melts, $2
Soooooo good!  Such a great scent to use in your home with the rising temperatures outside.  Something as simple as a seasonal candle or wax melt can totally transform your home.  I highly recommend trying some of these out!

Glade Hawaiian Breeze Plug-Ins, $4.99
And the last thing I bought were a couple of plug-ins in a nice Hawaiian scent.  Right now I have a couple of winter themed ones from Bath and Body Works in rotation, but as soon as those are used up I'm gonna use these bad boys.  
Lemme know what scents you've been loving and if you enjoy affordable scents in your home as well!  Have a blessed week everybody!


  1. How good are the glade plug ins? I've tried the wallflowers from bbw and I hate that the scent disappears after a week. Do the glade ones last longer??

    1. Hi Martina! Plug-ins are tricky. The only ones from BBW that I smell for longer than a week are the Marshmallow Fireside ones, but I don't always smell them. I'll smell them here and there, every now and then. The Glade ones are kind of the same, but they are more affordable. <3