Best Foot Cream EVER!!!

A problem that I have had for years and cannot seem to remedy, is my dry feet.  I've used every kind of cream, pumice stone, foot file and gadget you can imagine.  And while all of those things work really well for me, the results are extremely temporary.  I have recently stumbled across the best thing ever for my feet, and it's not even a foot cream, it's actually a body balm.  Today I wanted to share with you the Perlier Body Honey Miel Anti-Aging Body Balm.

Alright, I'll be the first to say this stuff is expensive.  But, sometimes you just get what you pay for, and this guy is TOTALLY worth the price tag.  Definitely a luxury type product, this stuff is made from peptides extracted from almonds, (100%) Italian organic honey, and Royal Jelly.  This was a gift from my mom, and she was able to snag it on HSN for almost half the price.  I looked on their website and they do not have this big tub right now.  You can get a tub that is half the size of this particular one (6.7oz) for $39.95.  Keep an eye out for the big tub, cause when they feature it you can get it for around the same price!

This stuff is made to be used all over the body, and it is SO moisturizing I have to admit, I do want to slather it head to toe.  But, where it's so expensive, I use this sparingly just on my feet.  Since I've been using this I have not had to file my feet a single time!  In order to keep your feet perfectly soft you will need to apply this everyday, but I don't think that's asking too much.  Out of everything I've ever tried for my feet, this is one product that truly delivers.

I highly, highly, highly recommend trying this out if you suffer from dry feet as well.  And if you don't mind the hefty price tag then I'd almost guarantee you'd love this all over the body as well.

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