My Friend's Wedding Day!

In case you missed it, I totally blew up Facebook today with a million posts about my friend's wedding last night.  She's one of my most favorite people in this world, and I was so excited for her on such a special occasion.  It was a beautiful day, absolutely perfect for two lovers in love.

The bride & groom

Me with the bride seconds before she went down the aisle

Mom & Tracy

Tracy & Whitney

Tracy & Carrie

Me & Carrie

Me & Shana

Alyssa & yours truly

Me & Whitney

I love this photo!  We've been friends for forever, I am who I am today because of them.
Carrie, Tracy, Me, Whitney

It was an outdoor wedding on a beautiful day.  It definitely got a little warm, but a true southern belle brings a fan to all her social events!

Here are a couple of little/quick videos I did during the wedding.  The first one is of the actual ceremony and the 2nd one is just us girls being silly.

Holding hands and dancing with my girl.  We grew up doing this.

Never miss a chance to dance...

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