Family Fun Day!

Hey guys!  We had such a blessed weekend spent with family, and I thought I would share some of it with you to show my friends and those who follow my blog and don't live close to me, what "home" looks like.  Born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains of southeastern Kentucky, the place I call home is the quintessential small-town community where everybody knows everybody and family is what matters most.

My favorite part of my drive home...topping the hill into Whitesburg <3

The turnoff to my mom's house.

Dinner, fellowship, and fun and games with the kiddos.  A perfect family night.

A short drive from my mom's house, about 10 minutes or so, there are some spectacular views of Pine Mountain.  I love to come and see the mountains when the leaves are lush and green and everything is alive.  Just as beautiful (maybe even more so) is when all of the leaves start turning at the beginning of Fall.  Bright orange and rust and full of color, Fall is a gorgeous times to visit these mountains.

Thank you for sharing our picture-perfect day with us!  If you've never been, then I highly recommend visiting Kentucky.  We'll invite you in and make you feel right at home <3

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