Small Victoria's Secret Haul: August 2015

Hey guys!  I recently picked up a few wardrobe staples of mine from Victoria's Secret and thought I would share them with you today!  There are certain items that are a complete necessity that I only purchase from VS, and these would definitely qualify as such.

In the Fall and Winter I basically live in yoga pants and Victoria's Secret has the best in my opinion.  I am kind of tall (5'8"), and while that's not extremely tall or anything, I do have extremely long legs. I love that you can get these pants in 4 different lengths (short, regular, long, extra long).  I get mine in the long length and they are perfect!  If you are super-duper tall the extra long length would be ideal, I can't imagine them being too short for ANYONE.  In the Spring and Summer I enjoy their cropped yoga pants with the fold-over waist, as they don't offer a classic yoga cropped pant.  I really prefer the simplicity of the regular waist, as the fold-over top can sometimes be aggravating.  These are just perfect for me!  This particular style of yoga pant is available in black, navy, and charcoal gray.  I just grabbed 3 pairs of the black as that is my favorite color to wear.

I am a self-confessed pajama hoarder, and the Mayfair Pajama from VS is probably my favorite that they have.  I get a new pair of these every year and I adore them.  If you buy a lot of pi's from VS then you are probably aware of how they slightly change and tweak them ALL the time, and I really like these this time around.  They are a slightly slicker fabric with a hint of stretch, not much, but slight enough you do notice it.  They are silkier this year and the perfect weight - not so delicate they would be flimsy, but thin and light enough you could wear these all year and not roast.  Polka dot pj's are my favorite, and I thought these were just adorable.  I love the matching slumber mask, even though I don't wear them all that often.  And while these pajamas are a little expensive, they really do last year after year.  I have accumulated so many throughout the years and they always stay really nice looking.  Highly recommend!

Thanks for stopping by guys and have a great week!
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