NYX Intense Butter Gloss: Funnel Delight & Orangesicle

Hey guys!  I recently picked up a couple of lip glosses that I have totally been loving and I thought I would share them with you today!  They are from the NYX Intense Butter Gloss line and they are just beautiful.  Things to know about this gloss:  they are super opaque and full-on color, they are not sticky AT ALL so they do not have much staying power, and you will most definitely see transfer like on a cup or straw.  That being said I think they are beautiful and perfect for that bright pop of color.  Definitely a product you will have to take with you and reapply fairly often (especially if you are eating or drinking) but so pretty they would be worth the hassle.  In the photos below I am wearing the purpley-pink one in Funnel Delight and my niece is wearing the orangey-red Orangesicle shade.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Funnel Delight and Orangesicle, $5.99/each

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