Small Drugstore Haul July 2015!

Hey guys!  I recently picked up a few things at the drugstore, so I thought I would go ahead and share them with you today.  While I do buy and enjoy higher end items as well, some of my favorite stuff is at the drugstore.  Everything on this list is super easy to find and also super affordable.  Here's what I got!

My favorite mascara from the drugstore is without a doubt Maybelline's The Rocket, but I have had the Voluminous Carbon Black mascara on my mind lately, so I went ahead and picked up a tube.  This mascara used to be ALL I used, I loved it for soooooo many years.  After using The Rocket for so long now, I am sorry to say this hasn't been so great this time around.  The Rocket is just SOOO good, it's hard to find anything that can beat it.

Oils are one of my obsessions, so of course when I see a new one I have to give it a shot.  This product is genius - it's for the hair, body and face.  It soaks right up (on your skin and hair) and doesn't make you feel the least bit greasy.  Made with avocado, olive and almond oils, this is great to apply anytime.  A lot of times when I think about it I just spray a little on my arms and rub it in, then use whatever is left on my hands to run through the ends of my hair.  I might do it 2-3 times a day!  Love me some oils, people.

I have mentioned this no less than 100 times on my blog, I have loved and used the Neutrogena Body Oil for over a decade now.  After I shower or bath I put this all over my body while I am still wet, then I towel off like normal and go.  This is so moisturizing and lotion is totally optional when you use it.

For the past several months I have totally been just using bar soap in the shower (I go through phases).  But, when I seen this big ole bottle of Coconut Milk body wash by St. Ives, I knew I had to give it a try.  A good, soapy lather is something I always want, and while this isn't the sudsiest (is that even a word?) lather, it is quite nice.  It has triple butters in it (shea, jojoba and cocoa), which gives it a really nutty/buttery rich smell.  I can be really picky about body washes, and I have really liked this one for Summer.

I picked up 3 skincare items by the Simple brand.  In case you are not familiar with them, Simple products are just that....simple.  They ALL contain triple purified water and basic/pure (simple, lol) ingredients that are gentle on the skin.  I picked up their foaming cleanser, the cleansing micellar water, and a light daytime moisturizer that has SPF 15.  I am really enjoying each one of these, my favorite is probably the moisturizer.  I have super oily skin so I don't like anything too heavy during the day, especially if I am going to wear makeup.  I have a few foundations that don't have any sunscreen in them, so this product is perfect for using under them.  It sinks right in and doesn't leave me greasy, which was exactly what I was looking for.  My favorite cleansing water is still the Bioderma, I just really don't think it gets any better than that one.  The Simple one is okay, but it's not as nice as the Bioderma.

I buy these guys every time I am at Walmart, lol.  I always battle blackheads on my nose, and while these don't permanently get rid of them, they do clean them out really well.  LOVE.

I am not so sure about this product.  I think everybody would like to have glossier hair, so when I seen this I of course jumped on it.  It says in the instructions to put it on after you have shampooed/conditioned/etc., leave it for a few minutes and then rinse.  It's supposed to boost your color a little and leave your hair shinier.  Well, I really didn't notice that it did either of those things for mine.  My hair was super tangly when I tried to comb it out, and it just felt rougher in texture than normal.  So far I am not too crazy about this.

My favorite hair spray ever.   I don't use that much hair spray, but I do like to lightly mist it over my hair if I have curled it or heat styled it.  The TRESemme Tres Two Spray doesn't feel heavy or crunchy, and you still have quite a bit of movement with your hair.  Just make sure you get the Extra Firm Control one.

I grabbed a couple of these soy wax melts by Burt's Bees in Toasted Almond.  I use wax melts daily, and this scent sounded awesome.  My living room isn't huge by any means, but it is the largest room in the house, and I really don't notice that much of a smell with these.  They smell nice (what little bit I can smell them) but not the most fragrant of wax melts.

The Burt's Bees melts are kind of snowflake shaped and you just break off a piece and toss is in your tart burner.

This is my favorite wax melt to use in the Spring and Summer months.  These straight up smell just like Fruit Loops.  If you like that scent, then go get you some.  Strong and super fragrant, these smell absolutely delicious.

Last Summer I had a candle from Bath and Body Works that I just loved, and the scent was Salt Water Taffy.  I immediately thought of that candle when I seen these limited edition wax melts in Fresh Pulled Taffy.  These do smell good and I do like them, but they just don't compete with the Orange Buttercream Cupcake ones.

While I normally do rich foodie type scents in the Fall and Winter, sometimes I like to change it up a little bit and use a cookie or cinnamon flavored tart here and there.  These in Raspberry Cookies and Cinnamon are yummy.  Love!

Alrighty guys, that just about does it for now.  Let me know what products you are loving at the drugstore right now and if there's anything you recommend me trying.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!
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