New Forever 21 Sunnies: Matte Browline Round Sunglasses!

Hey guys!  As many of you may already know, I have a serious obsession with sunglasses. And while I have paid an obscene amount of money for some of them, I have numerous pairs that are super affordable as well.  I don't really pay attention to the price tag, I just get the glasses if I like them (Lord knows I would prefer them all to be cheap and affordable!!!!)  I have several pairs from Forever 21 and I absolutely love them all. The latest pair I picked up were the Matte Browline Round Sunglasses, and they were only $8. 

I had first seen these on Nikki Phillippi, one of my favorite YouTubers. She is so darn cute, and these looked amazing on her.  And that was all it took....I immediately went online and grabbed these babies. 

The lenses of the glasses are round and they have a matte black frame. Super simple and cute, I think these glasses are adorable!

Excuse the no makeup/completely messy look, I just wanted to show you what these look like on. I also wanted to introduce you to the new kitty who has taken up residence at our house. Meet Marnie!

If you have any questions just let me know!
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