Favorite Summer Nail Polishes 2015!

Hey guys!  Today it's all about Summer nail polishes!  This time of year I love pretty, bright nails and I wanted to share with you which ones have stood out to me lately.  I should probably start out by saying while I do love glittery/shimmery polishes, creamy ones are my favorite.  They go on so clean and smooth and are so much easier to remove than glittery ones.  Here lately I have really loved chic white polishes and so-light-they-are-almost-white polishes as well.  And lastly, no seasonal nail polish collection is complete without a blue - my FAVORITE nail polish hue.  Here are what I consider the best of the best for Summer shades this year.

My favorite white polish.  This is the easiest creamy, brilliant white polish to apply that I have ever found.

This polish is so light it's almost white, but it is actually a super pale green.  This is such a different/unique polish.  Grab it while you can, as I think it is limited edition.  A total must have if you love light polishes!

Described as a neon aquamarine blue, I truly am addicted to I'm Addicted.  Ugh.  Probably my favorite nail polish of life.  This color makes me happy :-)

4.  Essie in Chillato, $8.50
Chillato is described as a frozen cream pistachio, but to me it is a light, whitish, creamy yellow.  Compared to Swan Street this is much more brighter and it is more yellow than white.  This looks so beautiful with tan skin and gold jewelry!

Thanks for stopping by today, guys!  Let me know what polishes you have been loving and if you recommend me trying any!  If you have any questions just let me know!

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