Tip For Making Your Curls Last In The Humidity!

Hey guys!  Living on the east coast of the US things get pretty muggy and hot/humid here in the Summer months.  That kind of weather can wreak havoc on your hairstyle, so today I thought I would show you some things you could do to really help maintain your curls in the heat.

I basically never blow-dry my hair - only on the super rare occasion when I am in a hurry and absolutely have to.  My hair is much more fluffy and has so much more body when I let it air dry.  Never one to have slick straight perfect hair, I am all about wild, big hair.  Natural waviness and texture really adds to voluminous hairstyles.  I prefer to wash my hair at night and then I add in a dollop of mousse for added body, my favorite right now is the Suavè Luxe Style Infusion Soft Touch Curls Mousse.  This particular mousse really helps give definition to my curls and really helps eliminate any frizz, and I think it's just a great first step in heat-styling my hair.  Things you're also going to need:  hairspray and a ton of bobby pins.  My favorite hairspray is the TreSemme Tres Two spray, and my favorite bobby pins are the Pro Basic Marianna

The absolute best curling irons in the world have to be by the brand Hot Tools.  I have used these for yearsssssss now.  They last for so long and give the prettiest curls (in my opinion).  Something to keep in mind, if it is hot and humid and your curls tend to fall flat in that kind of weather, then you definitely need to use a smaller barrel curling iron or wand.  The tighter the curl the longer it is going to last.  As far as what size barrel to use that is just personal preference, I typically use a 1 1/4" one.

So starting with clean/dry hair (that I washed the night before preferably), I go all over my head curling my hair like normally.  As far as what direction I curl, it doesn't really matter.  I curl some to the front, but mostly I curl my hair away from the face.  As I finish each curl and while the hair is still hot and just released from the curling iron, I pin the curl to my head with a bobby pin.  I do this for each and every curl.

You are going to need to allow yourself a few more minutes than usual, as taking the time to individually pin each curl to your head takes an additional few seconds to do.  Once you get comfortable doing this it really doesn't take that long.  This is only something I do for special occasions, 99% of the time if I am curling my hair I just curl it and go.  I only take the time to pin the curls if I am really fixing up for something.

With this extra bright flash you can see the pin curls a little more clearly.  After you have all of your hair curled and pinned, spray everything with a very light mist of hairspray and then let the curls sit till they have had time to cool.  The longer you let your curls relax in this position the longer they are going to last.

This is how my curls look when I remove all the bobby pins.  From here all I do is run my fingers through the curls to break them up a bit, toss my head over and tousle, then spray with hairspray to set it.  As I have said for ages now, I don't aim for perfect/all in place hair.  I love natural/big/messy hair.  If extensions and that sort of thing are your style, then do what you like.  I prefer the simplicity of my natural hair being wild <3

The finished product!

I tried to do a short video clip showing how bouncy my curls are when I take the pins out.  I was aghast at how inappropriate this could be deemed, lol.  Hilarious!  Anyways, you can see how nice it leaves your hair.

Hopefully I explained everything good enough.  If you have any questions or if I need to clarify anything just let me know.  Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day!
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