New Sunnies: Quay Invader!

Hey guys!  If you follow my blog at all then you are probably aware of my obsession with sunglasses.  They're just such a fun accessory and they can add so much oomph to any outfit.  This Summer I purchased my 2nd pair of Quay Australia shades and thought I'd show you them.  The Quay Invader's were one of the first designs that really blew up in America.  Gorgeous gold frames with the iconic cat eye hardware, these are just adorable!

As you might already be aware of, Quay sunglasses are continually selling out and then being restocked, like seriously ALL the time.  The Invaders are not available right now, but I'm sure they will be back soon so just keep an eye out for them.  They do have a similar style available right now, the Let's Dance shades in gold would definitely give you the same look as these.

In case you missed my previous post about my first pair of Quay sunnies, I went ahead and included a pic of those in this post as well.  They are the Fleur sunglasses, which are currently available on their site.

(Taken this Summer on the Island Queen on our way to Martha's Vineyard)

If you haven't ever checked out anything from this brand then I highly recommend doing so!  They are so edgy and cute, definitely like higher end brand sunglasses for a fraction of the cost.  If you have purchased any let me know what styles you are loving!
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