New Forever 21 Sunglasses!

Hey guys!  I recently picked up some new sunglasses and I wanted to hurry on over here and do a blog post before they get gone.  Forever 21 has some excellent items, but they are phenomenal for selling out super quick.  I picked up one pair while I was in Vegas, at the Forever 21 in the Fashion Show Mall.  The other pairs I ordered online.  

I included pictures of what the glasses look like on the site, so that in case you were interested in snagging you a pair you might be able to spot them easier.  F21 has a ton of glasses on their site right now!

(Wearing the Classic Round glasses)

This was the pair of sunglasses I picked up while in Vegas.  I never go for round sunglasses, but as soon as I put these on I fell in love.  They are just so big and fun!  I took really expensive sunglasses with me and ended up leaving those in the room the majority of the trip, ha!

(Wearing the Oversized Round shades)

I looooooove these ridiculously oversized sunglasses!  They are so over the top, but I could care less. I actually seen a pair almost identical to these on someone in Vegas, and I even stopped her and asked her where she got her glasses.  Her response?  "Milan."  I am not even kidding, lol.  As soon as I spotted these online I was like OMGsh....those are almost identical to the ones I seen in Vegas.  SO happy with these <3

This pair in particular is made so well, love the sturdy/elegant arms.

(Wearing the D-Frame glasses)

I have found through trial and error and yearsssss of investing in sunglasses, that I actually prefer plastic framed ones over metal.  This is especially true with the nosepiece, I like glasses that sit on my nose rather than the prongs/feet (typically seen in aviators and in the ones above).  They feel better and they don't mess your makeup up as badly, lol.  As soon as I seen these I was like WOW, they could totally pass for Celine glasses.  These even have the iconic 3 dots on either side of the eye, just like Celine.  These are sturdy and well made and I don't think anyone could ever tell these were not high end sunglasses!

(Wearing the other pair of Oversized Round glasses)

Like I said above I reallyyyy like oversized glasses and I was a little disappointed in the size of this pair.  They are plenty big, the size most people would probably reach for.  But, I like ginormous glasses, lol.  These are so pretty though, I love the metallic detailing on the rim of each lens.  Definitely a great basic/everyday/throw on and go pair of sunnies.

Here are the item numbers for each pair of glasses, in case you are interested in any of them in particular.

Thank you so much for stopping by!  Let me know your favorite place for snatching cheap sunglasses!

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