Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM: Unboxing & What's In My Bag!

Hey guys!  If you follow me on Instagram then you probably remember this happening...

...yes, I got my first Louis while I was in Vegas over Labor Day weekend.  I had tossed around the idea for so long about getting one, and finally bit the bullet and just did it.  I tried on a few but I knew the exact one I wanted - the Neverfull MM (medium) in the Damier print.  In case you are unfamiliar, the Neverfull tote comes in 3 sizes - large/medium/small, or GM/MM/PM.  I went in thinking I would get the large (GM), but when I tried it on it was HUGE.  Just way too big for my liking.  If I get a bag that big I would just fill it full of stuff I really didn't need and it would end up breaking my shoulder.  The medium is a big bag, but not ridiculously sized and to me it's just perfect.

Let's do a little unboxing...

In case you ever plan on selling your bag, then you definitely want to keep the box and proof and purchase.  Original packaging definitely adds to the value of your bag.  The box is quite substantial and even though I don't plan on ever selling the bag, it is so nice I definitely want to keep it.

Super nice dust bag!

Other than just the bag itself, one of the things I like the best about the Neverfull is that it comes with a pouchette.  The pouchette has a removable leather strap so you could use it as a wristlet, which is even better. 

The red lining is GORGEOUS in the Damier canvas bags!  And if you couldn't tell by the picture, the medium size bag has a TON of room in it.

In case you are like me and you aren't really sure how much a LV Neverfull is.  The price of a MM is $1260.00, and with (Nevada) tax the total amount was $1362.00.

Here's what's in my bag...

I have every single thing I need in my bag and still have a ton of room left.  Here is the bag with the clasp clasped, lol.

With the clasp open.

I have just a few essentials in my pouchette:  compact, lip gloss, advil, eyeliner and hand cream.  I keep the strap in my bag in case I want to use it as a wristlet.  If I'm just running in the grocery store or out to dinner or something and don't feel like carrying my Neverfull, I could throw my license/money/phone in the pouchette and I'm ready to go.

The pouchette as a wristlet.  Please ignore the massive bruise on my arm.

In my I Need Mascara bag I just have some basic other essentials that I like to have on me:  nail file, dental floss, feminine products, hand sanitizer, ear buds, etc.

I literally cannot even open my eyes outside without sunglasses (my eyes are SUPER sensitive) so I have 2 pairs of sunglasses in here.

I am using my red zip-around wallet from Michael Kors and it is just perfect!  It totally matches the red lining of the bag and it holds everything I need it to.

Alright guys, that just about does it.  If you have any questions or if I haven't explained everything good enough just let me know and I will do my best to answer it.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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