Winter 2014 Home Scents Haul #1!

Hey guys!  I love for my home to smell like whatever the current season is, so if you walk into my house right now there is of course a lovely pumpkin aroma.  I REALLY went overboard for the Fall season, I think I ended up buying about 17 candles from BBW after all was said and done, lol.  I have been burning them nonstop and I still have about 10 left.  Needless to say I have stopped buying anything for Fall, and now I am focusing on Winter.  I have picked up a couple of candles from BBW, as well as a few things from Walmart.  Everything smells so good, so I thought I'd share this stuff with you before it all gets gone.  This is just my first haul of the season, I'm sure there'll be more to come!

The first 3 wick candle I picked up is Vanilla Snowflake.  A classic Winter scent from BBW, smells so good!

And the other 3 wick candle I picked up was Hot Buttered Rum.  I love warm, rich foodie scents and this one fits the bill so nicely.

At Walmart I found this room spray that is great to spray right on your Christmas tree.  (I obviously have a fake tree).  The scent is Kiss Me Under The Mistletoe, and it gives your room that wonderful balsam aroma. 

I got a couple of 3 wick candles from Walmart as well, Winter Ski Resort and Warm Winter Wishes.

Both of these smell so good - I am horrible at describing scents.  But these just smell like Winter!  Lightly cinnamon and warm, just very wintry, lol.

I use a tart burner 24/7, and every single day I put one wax cube in it.  I grabbed 3 packs for the Winter season (I'm sure I will pick up more), but these will at least get me started.  

All of these smell SO good and I can't wait for the Winter season to begin so I can use them!  I love all of these pumpkin scents I stocked up on, but I'm ready for the Christmas scents too!  Let me know what scents you love in the wintertime!  Have a great week everybody!
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