Innisfree: Cheap Paper Masks!

Hey guys!  If you follow my blog then you are well aware of my love for paper masks!  Namely these two from the drugstore:

Always on the lookout for beauty steals, I found this pack of 15 korean paper masks for $18 from Amazon.  They are by the brand Innisfree, and I had never even heard of this brand until Michelle Phan mentioned them.  Korean skincare is known for being excellent and $18 for 15 masks is pretty cheap, not to mention I got free shipping to boot.  

If you aren't familiar with paper masks, all it is is a sheet mask that is drenched in essence.  It has cutouts for your eyes, mouth, and nose so don't worry about that.  All you do is put the mask on for 20 minutes or so then remove and discard the sheet, rub the essence in your skin and you are done. 

Most of the instructions on the back are in Korean, but if you look next to my thumb in this photograph you can see the directions in English.

Here are the different ones that came in this set:

The only ones I've used so far are the Manuka Honey and Black Berry ones and I have to say, they felt lovely.  These masks are drenched!  They feel sooooo good on your skin, a complete spa experience.  They also tossed in a couple of samples of face creams.

I'm excited to try this one from Tony Moly.  Tony Moly makes the honey lip balm I picked up at Sephora while in Vegas the last time.  I LOVE this lip balm!!!!

Again, if you're interested in trying these out you can find them on Amazon.  I'm all about cheap skincare that is great quality!  
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