November 2014 Drugstore Beauty Purchases!

If you take note of the things you purchase during the month, they really add up!  Or at least mine certainly do, lol.  Here are the things I picked up this month at my local drugstores.

First off, facial scrubs.  I use my Clarisonic ALL the time, and with it I enjoy cream cleansers.  But for times I'm not using my Clarisonic (if I jumped in the shower and forgot it on the sink, just don't feel like it, etc) I like washing my face with a scrub.  I always need some type of exfoliating as my skin is absolutely dreadful, and a facial scrub works just about as well as the Clarisonic.  This month I picked up 3 scrubs:

The St. Ives Apricot Scrub

Olay Fresh Effects Bead Me Up

And the Yes To Grapefruit Daily Facial Scrub
I have enjoyed all of these, but if I had to pick a favorite I'd say it's probably the Yes To one.  The apricot scrub is EXCELLENT but it's got so many exfoliating beads in it I find it works best in the shower.  When I use it at my sink sometimes it's hard to get everything rinsed off well.  I keep the Yes To one at my sink, that way I have one wherever I may need one and I'm not having to jump out of the shower and whatnot.  The Olay wash is not very exfoliating, so I only use that one with my Clarisonic.  Have purchased the apricot scrub for yearsssssss and will always repurchase, and would definitely buy the Yes To scrub again.  The smell is a little obnoxious but the product is so good it is worth it, lol.  The Olay I would repurchase as a drugstore facial wash for the Clarisonic, but not as a scrub.

I picked up one facial wash this month, the Clean & Clear Morning Burst skin brightening facial cleanser.  I adore this face wash for the morning with my Clarisonic.  I'm all about anythinggggg that will brighten my complexion.  It lathers up well and makes your skin feel clean without over drying.  Love.

I had been purchasing this mask in just the individual use packets but ended up loving it so much I bought the bottle.  Definitely my FAVORITE drugstore mask.  This stuff is an Allure beauty winner for a reason, it is awesome.

I keep these masks on hand at ALL times.  Another 'brightening' mask that I absolutely adore.

If you follow me on any social media then you know how much I have LOVED the Covergirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous makeup.  This stuff looks flawless on and is so great for us oily skinned gals.

Even though this is a powder foundation I use it to set my makeup.  It's not too heavy but it does give you a little bit more coverage.  LOVEEEEEEE.

90% of the time I do my makeup I use MAC's Prep + Prime in Radiant Rose under my eyes to brighten things up.  Maybelline's Dream Lumi in RADIANT is an excellent product that works very similarly.  Just make sure you get the shade RADIANT, it's the best.  No creasing and it really brightens you up!

Oil blotting sheets are a must have when you are as oily as I am.  These from the drugstore are great to keep in your bag on the go.

You all know I love this stuff.  I prefer drugstore mascaras because I like fresh mascaras.  When they start drying out I like to toss them and open a new one, and high end mascaras are just too expensive to do that.  This one costs around 5 bucks and it rocks.

Another great drugstore mascara.  I usually keep 2 or 3 drugstore mascaras open at a time.  Sometimes I layer them, sometimes I swipe one on and leave it at that.  Either way both of these work great and I will always repurchase them.

My Walmart has Elf now!  Yay!  To celebrate I picked up the Matte Lip Color in Natural.  It's a really pretty nude pink that isn't extremely dry on the lips.  Plus, Elf is dirt cheap which makes it even better!

If you caught my 'Empties' blog post then you seen I had emptied 2 of my dry shampoos.  Even though I have several in my collection, I really needed a new bottle of Batiste.  This Blush scent is my favorite.

I have used Root Pump Plus in the past and wasn't completely impressed with it.  But, my hair is so silky right now from using all of these oils that it wants to be sooooo flat.  I thought I'd give this a go again to try to 'pump' things up.  I can't stand flat slicked down hair on me.  Gross.

This product by Garnier Fructis is supposed to be comparable to the Bumble and Bumble Dryspun Finish spray.  Again, another product to add texture or lift to my flat hair.  I haven't tried this yet as I do not heat style my hair everyday, and if it's a day I'm just going to be home I prefer to just twig it up and not add a lot of products.  I will let you know how this works!

Maybelline's newest mascara.  I am not going to open this until my new Rocket mascara is used up.  I am a HUGE fan of Maybelline mascaras, they are probably my favorite at the drugstore.  Hopefully this one doesn't disappoint.  

And the last drugstore beauty item this month is this tooth whitening gel.  I picked this up at the Dollar Tree, people.  Each tube of this was 1 dollar.  Yes, $1.00.  I was watching someone on YouTube (can't remember who...sorry) talk about this and they said that it works as well as anything else they've tried.  For a buck I figure it was definitely worth a try.  Even if it barely works it's better than nothing, right?  So I went ahead and bought 3 haha - that's how I roll!

Let me know what you're loving this month!  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!
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