NOTD: Sally Hansen Blacky O

Hey guys!  I was recently in the market for a really nice black fingernail polish and I have found one that I love!  It's the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish in Blacky O.

(with the accompanying top coat)

This stuff is gorgeous!  I think the whole 'gel' thing confuses some people.  To be clear, this is basically just like any other bottle of nail polish.  My nails are 100% natural - I NEVER go to a salon to have my nails done, I would never get acrylics or fake nails of any sort.  Period.  Traditionally with gel nail polishes, you usually have to 'cure' them (or set them) under a UV lamp.  This version of a gel polish, like I said above, is like any other polish.  You don't have to set it with a lamp, you just paint it on and you're done.  This does however come with it's own top coat which says it 'activates' your gel manicure.  The top coat made my nails super shiny and made my polish dry really quickly.  To remove these you just use your basic nail polish remover, nothing special required for that.  If you're like me and you believe in having natural nails and you polish your nails yourself, then I highly recommend trying these!
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