DIY Christmas Activity Calender!

Hey guys!  I have something a little different for you in this blog post, today I wanted to show you the activity calendar I made yesterday for Christmas.  I can't take credit for this idea, my lovely aunt Sandi actually introduced me to the idea.  The one she made is quite a bit fancier than mine, I just used supplies I had on hand.  Here is what it looks like...

This type of calendar is totally customizable, but I made mine to last through Christmas Eve.  Each day in December I will just flip over one of the days and do whatever it says on that tag.  You can see I flipped over one of the days above.  I think this would be great for people with children, as most of the things on my to-do list are not strictly for kids.  They are all kid friendly, but all of the things I put are things an adult can do as well.
Anyways, here's how I did it!

Like I said above, I just used supplies I had on hand.  I had this leftover poster board from last year when I went to a Springsteen concert.  I used the other one in this pack to make a sign for the concert.  I like this poster board, but you could definitely do like my aunt did and use one of the more sturdy poster boards (with the foam). 

My aunt actually gave me this pack of  Christmas paper.  She had used it to make her activity board and gave me what she had left.  I am pretty sure she said she got this from Hobby Lobby, but you could always use gift wrap as well.

I pulled out several sheets....

....and kind of eyeballed it to see how I wanted to arrange them.

Of course I didn't have a glue stick on hand and was too lazy to run out and buy one, so I just brushed the backs of the paper with glue to attach them.  Hint - your life will be much easier if you go and buy a glue stick.

All of the paper glued down.

I couldn't find my ruler, lol, so I just used a scrap piece of paper as a ruler to cut out what would end up being the tags on the board.

The white card I used for the tags was actually old picture paper to use for a printer I had ages ago.  I marked the card in 2" sections to cut later, and glued some of the pretty Christmas paper to the back so that my tags would be pretty.

After glueing the paper to the picture paper and cutting them all up into 2" tags, I hole punched each one to create a hole for my ribbon.

For the tags I just used simple curling ribbon that I had in my gift-wrap supplies.

All of my pretty tags!

Here's the fun part.  Using a Sharpie I wrote some to-do's on the shiny side of my tags.  Use your imagination!  Or....if you're like me and you have no idea what to do, just google it.  I kept mine fairly simple as I didn't want to put a bunch of stuff I wouldn't do.  If it involves snow and we don't have snow that day,  will simply save that task to do on a day we do!

I made 3 extra tags just in case one broke or I came up with something else.  (I am still seriously debating on the Make a Gingerbread House one, I'm just not fully ready to commit yet).  I put them in an envelope and taped the envelope to the back of the calendar. 

I laid all the tags out and eyeballed where they would go, then I just turned them over and used a piece of Scotch tape to tape down the ribbons.  Where the ribbon is thin and pliable you can simply turn over each tag and it will twist and stay in place.  I hung the calendar on the wall with some push pins and I was finished!

The possibilities are endless with this type of calendar!  I immediately thought of a cute beauty inspired one...Rock a Red Lip, Do a Purple Look of the Day, Treat Yourself to a New Lip Balm, etc.  I hope this gives you some inspiration on something you could make for you and your family!  

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