September 2015 Favorites!

Hey guys!  I am so happy it is finally FALL!  Yay!  My favorites this month are all about Autumn - rich, delicious scents, warm jewel tones, basically anything that can be related to this time of year.  So without further adieu, let's get to it.

Burning seasonal candles is a surefire way to get your home into the holiday spirit.  My favorite this month are all from Bath and Body Works and I SO recommend any (and all) of these.  If you have to get just one or two, I'd go with Marshmallow Fireside and Leaves, my favorite BBW candles of all time.

I am not much for decorating my house for Fall, but I do like to throw in some accents here and there.  I found these big pumpkin hand soaps from WalMart for $2, and I have just been loving them.  They look so pretty on your sinks!

 I went hog wild last year at this time ordering stuff from BBW, so I actually had both of these body washes left over.  Both of them are completely yummy, but my favorite is the Pumpkin Pecan Waffles limited edition 2-in-1 body wash and bubble bath.  Smells better than words can even describe!

Again, this lotion was from last year, and I have already used it up!  I will definitely be purchasing some more seasonal lotions here soon.

As far as makeup goes, I have really been loving shimmery lips.  My go-to this month to achieve this look has been the Milani Brilliant Shine Fierce Foil Lip Glosses.  I actually bought every shade they offer in the line and I love them all!

This time of year (as well as in Winter), I love plum blush.  My FAVORITES are:
Sin by Nars
True Plum by CoverGirl
Blushing Rose by Jordana

As I mentioned above, I am really into warm colors and jewel tones as well, and my favorite this month have been a lot of shadows by Makeup Geek.  Standouts have definitely been Masquerade and Cocoa Bear.

I have said it no less than 10 times before, but the Stila "Eyes are the Window" Soul palette is my favorite eyeshadow palette of life.  I use this almost every single time I do my makeup, it is the perfect palette if you ask me.  I have also been loving the Make Up For Ever setting spray and Guerlain Maxi So Lash mascara.

Some oldies but goodies that I am hooked on yet again include Nars bronzer in Laguna, Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + foundation, and Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Luminous Light.

A great lip combo for Fall that I have worn several times this month is MAC Whirl lip liner with Velvet Teddy lipstick.  It's very Kylie Jenner-ish, just a pretty matte brownish nude.

I literally cannot get enough of the Vanille perfume by Outremer Paris.  (You can get this at Anthropologie).  It is so delicious - a yummy vanilla, caramel, foodie scent that makes you smell good enough to eat.

My favorite nail polish of the month is An Affair in Red Square by OPI.  It's the perfect Fall or Winter red.  This color is so sexy to me <3

This past week was really chilly here in Kentucky, but other than that it has been pretty warm still.  These (real) leather booties that I picked up in Vegas last year at Forever 21 are perfect right now.  They are warm and edgy, but they are not too hot like knee boots.  They really remind me of the über expensive Chloe booties, but these were a fraction of the cost (I can't remember exactly, but I think around $70-$80??)  Perfect.

Since I don't work outside of the home right now, I literally live in pajamas.  My favorite are always the cotton Mayfair Pajamas from Victoria's Secret.  The ones I picked up most recently are these really cute black and white polka dot ones with hot pink trim.  So soft (cute) and comfy!

My favorite bag this month is, of course, my new Louis Vuitton Neverfull.  I actually always said I didn't really want one, but it really is worth all the hype.  I will be carrying this for quite a while!

I have been re-watching Desperate Housewives for the past 6 or 8 weeks or so.  This is my favorite show of all time and it has been just lovely spending some time with the ladies of Wisteria Lane.  I actually own the first 4 seasons on dvd and own the last 4 seasons digitally.  If you haven't ever watched this show you are DEFINITELY missing out!

I really wanted to mention a few things that I have been drinking.  My favorite coffee ever is Folgers Gourmet Morning Cafe, and that is what I have every single morning of my life.  This month I have also been enjoying Dunkin' Donuts Chocolate Glazed Donut flavored coffee.  While I do still use Truvia in it, it really is too sweet if I use my usual coffee creamer in it as well.  I prefer just plain ole half and half with this coffee.  And lastly I have been enjoying Celestial Seasonings Vanilla Velvet Tea Latte.  This contains real cane sugar and real (nonfat) milk in it, so you don't have to add a single thing to this.  Why don't more coffees and teas come this way?  Love all of these!

And lastly I just had to mention our new litterbox.  If you are a cat owner then you should definitely look into purchasing the CatGenie 120 self-flushing litterbox.  It has been so wonderful not having to change the litterbox!  (We ordered ours from Petco).  I did a whole blog post on this system, and if you are interested in reading that you can find it here.

Alright guys, that just about does it!  I have been loving so many things here lately, it was really hard to whittle the list down to just these things.  Let me know what you've been loving!  Have a great week everybody!

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