Best Nude Nail Polish: Deborah Lippmann Naked

Hey guys!  Today I wanted to talk about a staple nail polish that everyone needs in their collection.  A classic nude polish makes for a super chic manicure.  It's low maintenance and you can get away with a little more wear, and it goes with literally everything.  It makes your look as a whole a little more...well...polished (no pun intended).  My favorite go-to nude polish is Naked by Deborah Lippmann.

Nude polishes are not all the same - some can be cooler in tone, warmer in tone, some can give you mannequin hands, some make you look dead, lol.  This one kind of fits the bill all around.  Neutral and nude, but still lifelike.

Let me know your favorite nude-ish nail polish!  Thanks for stopping by today!