Spring 2015 Clothing Haul: Macy's, Target, Forever 21, & American Eagle!

Hey guys!  With the changing months and seasons and as weather goes from cold to hot, of course we have to purchase a few clothing items that are more appropriate for the climate.  Over the past month or two I have picked up a few new things that I have been really enjoying, so I thought I would share them with you.  I have included some pics of me in some of the items...

...and, as always, I have provided links to everything that is still available in case you are interested in any of these for yourself.  We will start with a few tops I picked up at Macy's.

Karen Scott 3/4 Sleeve Striped T
I didn't see this on the Macy's site, but there were some similar versions.  I love blue/white things in the Spring and Summer, as it is very nautical.  3/4 sleeves are my favorite and that is something you will see quite often in this haul.  Couldn't love this top more, definitely one of my favorites out of everything I mention here today.

Michael Kors Long-Sleeve Blouse with Hardware

Again, this was no longer on Macy's site.  This top is very light and airy, and even though it has long sleeves the elastic cuffs make it very easy to wear as 3/4 sleeves.  The gold hardware at the neck makes this look more dressed up than just a plain top (in my opinion).

This is so pretty!  Keep in mind this top is made a little smaller, it is snug in the chest and upper arms on me.  But very classy and sexy I think.

I thought this would be nice for hotter Summer days, as it is basically a tank top with a really breezy scarf-type shirt on top.  It's super flowy and while I don't like it as much as I thought I would, it is really pretty and I will wear it.

Here I am wearing a couple of these tops:

Next up.....TARGET!  Yay!!!

Another major staple in my wardrobe is a blouse.  They are light and airy, you can dress them up or down, and they look more put together than just a regular t-shirt.  This orange one is perfect paired with some of my beloved orange makeup!

(told you I love blouses)

You can never have enough denim shirts in your closet, and I loved this 'popover' version.  I love wearing denim shirts with colored pants (white, red, pastel).  Just like on all the blouses above, there are tabs on the sleeves of this so it can be worn at 3/4 sleeve.

I hadn't ever heard of this brand....Cyrus.  I LOVE this shirt!  It's a substantial fabric, nice and thick and stretchy.  Definitely not cheaply made, this will hold up well with washing and wearing I think.  Note, it's made large!  I have already washed this in hot water trying to shrink it a little (it didn't).  Great to pair with leggings or cropped leggings, as it more than covers your hiney, lol. 

3/4 sleeve t-shirts, perfect to wear with anything.

Target's boyfriend tees are so comfy and they go with anything!  Pair them with cutoffs, capris, even a fancier type skirt and they always look nice!

In case you didn't know, I LOOOOOOVE kimonos!  They are super lightweight and cool in the hotter months.  They also provide a little bit of coverage if you're like me and don't necessarily love your arms, lol.  Great with tanks, sleeveless dresses, that sort of thing.  The crochet detailing on this is so sweet.  One of my favorite kimonos I own.

I love Target tank tops and this particular one was on sale at the time, so I picked it up.  It's gray but it has little bugs and critters on it.  They're done really lightly and are not really noticeable, it will go with a lot of things and be cool in the Summer.

Again, another great item to go with my coral/orange makeup!  This is slinky and pretty and I just love it.  If you have a bigger chest this should still work for you, it did me anyways.  I always worry about these fabrics that don't stretch, but this one flatters the bust in my opinion.

The color description of this dress is 'black' but it is actually a dark heather gray in person.  I wanted a simple tank dress in gray that I could pair with all of my kimonos this Spring and Summer.  This is perfect!  Will look so nice with a long necklace, kimono, sandals, whatever.

I couldn't pass a 3/4 sleeve dress up, lol.  Every lady needs some Spring/Summer dresses that you can throw on and go.  This will be pretty for date nights, church, whatever.

I love a maxi dress and I love bright cobalt blue, so this was a total no-brainer.  Again, I will pair this with a flowy kimono and a pair of sandals.  So pretty!

Even though I have typically always been a white-gold type of gal,  the past couple of years I have really been reaching for yellow-gold jewelry and accessories more often.  These sandals are cheap and affordable, but will go with all of my yellow-gold/goldtone stuff that I plan on wearing this Summer.

My scarf rack is behind my door in my beauty room in a corner, so the lighting was poor when I was trying to photograph these scarves.  Click on the link to see a more accurate photo.  This (oblong) scarf is gorgeous!

People, this (square) scarf is SUCH a good quality, feels almost exactly like my $$$ Theodora & Callum scarf!  

Here I am wearing the orange blouse:

I only picked up one thing at Forever 21:

Another kimono!  This one looks and feels like something from a high-end brand.  It's nice and heavy, but sheer and flowy so it will be perfect!  All of my other kimonos are patterned and brightly colored, and I wanted something I could throw on top of ANYTHING and it would look okay.  Even though this is embroidered, I will be able to pair it with anything and I think it will be just fine.
And the last place I picked up some new things was American Eagle.

People, if you haven't felt the fabric of this Soft & Sexy stuff, then do yourself a favor and go NOW and just touch it!  It's the softest stuff in the world, you can barely feel this on your skin!  I bought two of these shirts, one in pink and one in melon.  The color description calls them 'neon' but they are really pretty soft colors I think.  These are on clearance right now and not many sizes are left.  Hurry before they are gone!!!

I loveeeeee stripes (remember the shirt from Macy's above), and this is that same butteryyyyyy soft fabric.  Again, this is on clearance so hurry and grab you one before it's gone!  This striped one is made much larger than the pink and melon shirts, the sleeves are almost long-sleeves on me (same size) and the shirt is super baggy.  I will wash this in hot water and will dry it for a while in the dryer.  Hopefully it will shrink some.  Best fabric in the world!!!!

Even though this says Soft & Sexy, this is not the same buttery soft fabric as the other shirts.  This is still super soft and if you closely you can see it's really thin and light, which will be good for those hot, humid days.  I like this, but not as much as I like the really soft ones.

American Eagle denim is almost all I wear.  Jeans, jeggings, denim shorts, capris, almost all of the ones I have are American Eagle, they just fit me the best.  I love destroyed white cropped jeans this time of year, even though I rarely wear destroyed jeans anymore.  Destroyed white jeans are different, they just look better I think, lol.  I got two pairs of cropped jeggings, and these are definitely my favorite.  They are super soft and thinner than the other pair.

Since these are plain denim cropped jeggings, I will probably end up wearing these more than the white ones.  The material in these is really soft and stretchy, and these fit better in the waist on me since they are a lower rise.  My only complaint is the area from the knee down, it's thick and tight.  The waist and thigh area of these is not as thick and tight as the lower legs are.  Hopefully that will loosen up with some wear.

AEO Flower Headband
This headband was on clearance so I went ahead and picked it up too.  I love floral headbands and crowns, I just don't know if I love them on me hehe.  We will see.  Maybe with a kimono?

And here are a couple of pictures of me wearing the super soft t shirts:

Alright guys, hope you enjoyed!  And hopefully this gives you some ideas on things you might purchase for Spring and Summer.  These stores are my favorite to shop from, and they all have such good stuff out right now!  Let me know what trends you are following this season and if you have any of the things I mentioned.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!!!
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