Blue Apron: What We Ate!

Hey guys!  As someone who really loves to cook, I really enjoy trying new recipes and making fancier type dinners.  I have mentioned Blue Apron before, a pre-measured ingredient/recipe delivery service.  With these types of websites they send you everything you need to make a complete meal and then you cook it up.  We have always enjoyed their recipes, and I thought I would show you what our last box of food looked like.  Just so you know, I joined Blue Apron on my own and we pay the full $59/box in full (out of our own pocket), and it's just something we both really enjoy!  Anyways, on to the meals...

In case you aren't familiar with how Blue Apron works or if you haven't seen any of my previous posts, all of your ingredients come pre-measured and labeled.  You may have to chop/dice/grate some things (veggies, herbs, etc.) but nothing too major.

This soup was so good!  Thighs are our favorite cut of chicken, and we both really enjoy a noodle soup.  As always everything was super fresh and at perfect ripeness.  VERY generous portions here, we order the box that is supposed to feed 2 people and this pot of soup had at least 5 or 6 servings in it.

The burgers were definitely my favorite meal out of this box.  The toasted pretzel bun was scrumptious!  The burgers were so dense and hearty they were super filling and we definitely had some leftovers.

I am not a big fish eater, but this was actually really good.  I LOVED the orange Farro - sooooo good!

If you enjoy cooking and like a variety in dinner options, then I highly recommend trying Blue Apron.  See my older post to see what we have enjoyed in past boxes, and find additional info on their website.  Feel free to leave any questions  below!  
Happy cooking!
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