What's In My Bag: Spring 2015

Hey guys!  Today I thought I would share with you how I change up my bags between Winter and Spring.  I generally always keep the same sort of things on me, but there are slight changes I make.  I really am not a bag or purse kind of gal, I know lots of ladies are obsessed with them, it's just not what I really get into.  I like nice quality, sturdy, leather bags that will last season after season, and I want it to be really functional and comfortable as well.  Carrying a bag can be uncomfortable at times, so I like for my bag to have options:  a handle to carry as a satchel, a long strap for a crossbody, or at least have a longer strap to wear on one shoulder.  If a bag has all of those things, regardless of the brand, then it's fine with me.  I did purchase a new bag last Fall, the Kate Spade Cobble Hill Devin, and it has been perfect for me.  Kate Spade has always been one of my favorite places to shop, I adore everything I have from her:  phone cases, necklaces, earrings, watches, purses, wallets, tennis shoes, heels, you name it.  I could have easily kept carrying this bag into the Spring and Summer, but I had a smaller (also new) bag that I have been waiting to use until now.  It's the Rebecca Minkoff Full Size 5-Zip Rocker.  Keep in mind, this bag is no longer in production and is no longer on the Rebecca Minkoff site.  But, every now and then these bags still pop up on eBay and other sites, so keep your eyes open if you want one.  Rebecca Minkoff has a smaller version of this bag available, you can see that here.  They look similar but do have some differences, mainly - the bag I have is much larger and mine has 5 fully functional zips and pockets.  There are only 4 zips on the newer version (even tho it is still called the 5 Zip), and all of the front zips are just for show, they are no longer actual pockets.  The backside of the purse has no zipper now, and that is such an integral part of this purse if you ask me.  Anyways, I did a whole blog post on the bag when I purchased it, you can read more about it here.  For now let's just get into what's inside!

I really don't know what it is about blue purses, but they speak to me lol.

I only own one Rebecca Minkoff wallet, it's the small zip around stud wallet.  It's small and compact but yet it still holds everything I need it to.  With both of my RM bags I always use my Rebecca Minkoff by Ipsy cosmetic bag.  Love the pineapple print!

The biggest things I switch out in my bags are hand sanitizer, lotion, and my lip products.  I don't carry a lot of actual makeup with me, mostly just a compact with powder to touch up if I get oily, and then some lip products.  I always have:
1.  Lipstick
2.  A seasonally appropriate lip gloss
3.  A basic lip balm
4.  A light/shimmery lip gloss
For the Winter I had a Twisted Peppermint lotion, a Vanilla Snowflake hand sanitizer, a Merry Marshmallow Kiss lip gloss, and a darker nude butter gloss by NYX.  For Spring I switched those things out for a Mango hand lotion, a Paradise Plumeria hand sanitizer, a Maybelline Color Whisper in Orange Attitude (orange is my FAVORITE lip shade ever and is ALL I wear in Spring and Summer), and a lipstick and gloss.  After I took this photo I actually ended up not putting the Nars gloss in here.

I went with this pretty, shimmery coral gloss by YSL instead.

The Guerlain Jewel Compact lipsticks are my favorite lipsticks to carry in my bag, as they are housed in their own convenient mirrored compact.  Great for on the go, and they are just one of my favorite lipstick formulas ever.

For Spring and Summer I will be using the GORGEOUS tangerine Gipsy shade, beside it is what I was using in the Fall and Winter, the beautiful rosy-mauve Gemma.

I always keep a plain lip balm on me and these Sugar ones by Fresh are great for the sunnier months because they have an SPF of 15 in them.

I don't drink pop or soda, I'm basically just a water/tea/coffee kinda gal.  If you know me at all then you know these grape drink packets are my favorite, so I always keep a few with me at all times.  This tiny little pocket on the front of the bag is perfect for keeping these in!

I have to have a 'just-in-case' bag in my bag, lol.  Typical things in that include:  perfume, Advil, dental floss, nail file, nail clippers, safety pin, bobby pins, hair ties, etc.

These adorable nail files/clippers are available at Ulta and you can get them with different hair color.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh is a great perfume for this time of year.  I love these because they don't actually have a 'rollerball', these have the oh-so-handy pump top.

I go nowhere without Q-tips.  The world's handiest beauty tool!

In the interior zipper pocket I keep some feminine products, a phone charger, and a some ear buds.

This is the same compact of powder I keep on me all year long.  It's super matte and great if you have oily skin, plus it's small and doesn't take up much space.

My loyalty cards.  This is the best way I have found to house them compactly in my bag.  I simply hole-punched them and put them on a key ring.  So incredibly handy.

My favorite sunglasses for Spring and Summer have to be my Ray-Ban aviators.  I was carrying and using my black Chanel glasses and as pretty as those are, the case is just massive.  The Ray-Ban case is so much smaller!

After I got everything switched over I put my Kate Spade bag into it's dust-bag and put it away.  This bag was so great I will definitely use it again this coming Fall.

And we are done!  Even though this bag is on the smaller side, as you can see it comfortably houses everything I need it to.  There are 3 slide pockets on the inside I keep my loyalty cards, compact, and gum in those.  In the middle/body of the bag I put my just-in-case bag, wallet, and sunglasses.  There is still enough room for keys or anything like that.  I just drop my cellphone in the large back pocket of the bag so it's always easily accessible.

If you click on the link to my previous blog post about this bag then you can see the various ways you can wear it.  The chain is adjustable so you can wear it as a crossbody, as a handbag, or on one shoulder.  My favorite way to carry this is the way it's pictured in the photo, with the straps shortened to wear it on one shoulder.  

Anyways, hope you enjoyed!  If you have any questions feel free to leave them below.  It's a cold and rainy day here in Kentucky and I have been sick for a couple of days now (which is why I haven't been blogging).  I hope this finds all of you well, and that each of you have a great week!  Thanks for stopping by!
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