MAC Cinderella Stroke Of Midnight Palette

Hey guys!  As many of you already know, MAC recently released their long-awaited Cinderella collection and I couldn't wait for my stuff to get here!

The collection looked like overall it was going to be really pretty - some light/neutral lipsticks and lipglasses, a couple of face powders, some pigments/mascara/things of that sort, and a really pretty 6 pan eyeshadow palette.  I watched several reviews from folks who had already tried the products, and the general consensus was that all of the products were pretty, but the only item that everyone really recommended was the eye shadow palette.  That's actually the only thing I wanted from the line and is all I ended up purchasing.

As I said above, this palette contains 6 eyeshadows - 5 that are permanent and 1 that is new for this palette (Stroke of Midnight).  A lot of people voiced concerns over the fact that so many of the shadows are in the permanent line, but everyone seemed to agree that despite the fact this really is just a good palette.  If you enjoy neutral shadows, the shadows in this palette are paired together very nicely.

Satin Taupe/Stroke of Midnight

I was so excited when my black box arrived!

I think this palette is just lovely!  And while I do already own several of these shadows, it's super handy having all of these together in one small palette.  The packaging is adorable, and I couldn't be happier with this!

This sold out the very day it was released on MAC's website, but if you are wanting to get your hands on it you are still in luck.  Even though the collection released February 26th online, it is not released in stores until March 5th.  So, if you are wanting the palette or any other item from the collection then it's totally still available.  Thanks for stopping by guys and have a great day!
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