Best In Hair Care: Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Hair Mask!

Hey guys!  I recently picked up another tub of my FAVORITE hair mask, and it occurred to me that I don't know if I have ever mentioned this on my blog.  It's the Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Hair Mask.  I always get this at Ulta, as I'm really not sure where else this is sold.

You get a 7oz tub for $32.  All you need is a little dab of this, I have super long hair and a tub of this lasts me for a long time!  It's a rarity to find a product that really makes a difference in your hair, but this one totally does.  It's.  Just.  So.  Good.
What else can I say?

This mask contains hydrolyzed silk, and I have found that my hair always LOVES this.  This mask makes my hair SO silky without making it flat to my head.  I don't know how it does it, it just does.

In case it is important to you, this doesn't have any of the bad stuff in it:  parabens, petroleum, mineral oil, artificial colors, and they don't test on animals.

This mask is not the thickest/heaviest product I've ever felt, but it is one of the best you'll find for moisturizing and softening your hair.  I use this about once a week, really concentrating it on my ends.  I have been out of it for a few months, so now that I have it again I find myself wanting to use it every single time I wash my hair!

When I ordered mine I was able to get a free gift with purchase, the full-size Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer.  This deal is still going on, so check it out either at your local Ulta or on their website.

I actually hadn't ever tried this before and I LOVE it!  My hair just really responds well to these Monoi products.  You can use this on wet or dry hair (I've used it on both) and you just rub a pea-sized amount on your ends and you're done.  I despise products that I can feel in my hair, if it's the least bit tacky or sticky I will notice it.  I can't feel this at all, except for the fact that it just leaves my ends really soft and smooth.  Would definitely purchase this when this is empty.

The first sample I got was the Laura Geller Baked Liquid Radiance Foundation.  I haven't tried this yet but I am going to.  I'm a little scared of any sort of foundation with 'radiance' in the title, as I have really oily skin and need more mattifying products.

I have a full-size bottle of this and use it all the time.  This will definitely be used!

I got a little packet that contained Hask Argan Oil Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner, and the Redken Extreme Length Sealer.

I haven't tried the Redken product yet, but I did use the shampoo and conditioner.  They were really nice and made my hair feel lovely!  The shampoo is a typical paraben free shampoo (not much lather or suds) and even though I really enjoy that, this shampoo still felt really nice.  I would definitely buy this if I were at an actual Ulta store.

Hope this post gives you some ideas if you are in the market for some serious hair care.  The Monoi mask has been a favorite of mine, and it is so nice to have it again!  

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend <3
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