October 2014 Favorites!

Hey guys!  Here are the things I have been enjoying this month!  If I were to put all the things that I love and use all the time in my favorites every month, then my monthly favorites would be like a broken record.  For example, these things are a given:

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation, my fall blushes (CG True Plum, Maybelline Plum Wine, MAC Animal Instincts, Nars Sin), Anastasia Brow Wiz, etc.  Some things never change and are a given that they are my favorite.  This month I will just mention other products that I have been using a ton.

This is the ONLY highlighting powder I have used for the past 2 or 3 months.  I also enjoy the Diffused Light, but this one is definitely my favorite.  I could totally get rid of ALL my other highlighters and only use these.  For like, ever.  Love the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders, I never want to use anything else!

I don't really have a HG mascara, but there are several brands I repeatedly buy and use and love.  Maybelline's Rocket Volume mascara is just a really great solid product.  It's really black and gives you length and volume.  Great drugstore mascara if you're like me and don't want to shell out the cash for high-end mascaras all the time.

I picked up the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade while I was in Vegas and I totally LOVE it.  I have areas in my brows that are sparse and this is the perfect product to fix that!  Highly recommend this to anyone with similar issues.

A rediscovered favorite.  The Rosy Tan 5 Color Palette from Christian Dior is so pretty and is great for an everyday eye look.

I haven't had a desire for any new makeup that has been coming out recently (what is wrong with me?), and I really didn't see myself buying any of the new Maybelline matte lipsticks.  That was, until, they actually had the "Lust For Blush" shade in stock at my local drugstore.  It is just such a pretty rosey-mauve, I fell in love with it immediately and have only grown to love it more since.  I don't see myself buying anymore of these, but....never say never.  Especially when it's makeup!

The formula of these lipsticks really is great.  I really do think everybody should own at least one.  They have a ton of different shades, so go check them out and pick what you like best.  I really don't think you'll be disappointed.

Don't be disgusted with my dirty beauty blender, lol.  I have a few of these guys but I only keep a couple in rotation at a time ( I don't want to dirty them all up).  Anyways, love this for so many different things - applying foundation, concealer, or a cream highlight.  I also love to use this after I've applied my foundation and a setting powder, just a quick 'bump' all over my face to set things nicely.  It just makes everything go together so seemlessly.  Have used these for years and cannot imagine ever being without one.

Favorite body wash of the month.  Got this big ole bottle from BBW back in September (I think) as I knew it would be perfect for the Fall months.  One of my favorite things I have ever purchased from BBW EVER.

The body lotion I have been using this month.  This Pumpkin Latte & Marshmallow Comfort scent is beautiful, but if I had to choose I like the body wash (Pumpkin Pecan Waffles) scent better.

And as far as non-beauty favorites go, I almost always wear a diamond solitaire necklace.  I think they are timelessly beautiful, they go with anything, match anything, look good with anything (you get the point).  I actually broke my chain and had to take it in for repairs (I had the diamond re-set as well), so while it was off being fixed I pulled out my Tiffany "E" necklace and have been loving it!  I love the cursive 'E' font on this piece, as it is very close to how I actually write an E when signing my name.

I have several pieces of Tiffany jewelry, and my favorites are their necklaces.  These chains don't pull and tangle my hair, which almost never happens with necklaces.  Love, love, love this and will always wear this.  I know their jewelry is $$$ but they are totally worth the investment.  I own very little costume jewelry (fake metals, fashion pieces, cheap department store jewelry), instead I think you should work and save up and invest in pieces that will last you a lifetime.  I don't like big/gawdy pieces, I love simple delicate ones.  Especially in necklaces!  Simple, delicate necklaces look so classy and feminine.  (In my opinion!  Do and buy what makes you happy!)

I love to write, but sometimes I don't know exactly what to write.  That is why I love this Q&A 5-year journal that I picked up this month.  It gives you a daily prompt on something to consider and write about.  Just a sentence or two, it's nothing too lengthy or time consuming, but it does get you thinking a bit.

I think it will be neat to fill this up over the years and be able to look back to what I wrote the year before and see how things might have changed.  I found mine at Amazon for about $15 and have really been enjoying it.  Everyday I look forward to cracking open my journal and seeing what I'm supposed to be writing about.  So fun!

My FAVORITE candle of the month!  Smells so delicious (basically just like my favorite BBW candle of all time - Marsallow Fireside).  Altogether I ended up buying around 17 candles for Fall. I know, ridiculous right?  I've went thru several, and this has probably been my favorite.  Time to start stocking up on Winter scents!!!

Thanks for stopping by today, guys, and have a very HAPPY Halloween tomorrow!  xoxoxo -
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