Fall 2014 Nail Polish Trend: Navy Nails

Hey everyone.  While I was just surfing around on the net I found an article from Allure on nail polish trends for Fall 2014.  I already knew Navy was going to be a trend this season, and they did in fact have that on the list.  (You can see the full article here).  Finding the right Navy polish can be somewhat of a challenge.  As with a lot of darker hued polishes, it's very common that the end result is so dark it ends up just looking black.  And while I do love a black polish, if I want black nails I'll just paint them black.  Right?  If I want blue or oxblood or whatever, then I want the color to stay true.  The best Navy polish I have ever used is by China Glaze and it is in the shade First Mate.

First Mate is a true creamy navy blue, that in any light always keeps it's true color.  I was testing out some polishes for Fall the other day, and it just so happened to be when the sun was shining through my window.  I was able to capture in a couple of photos how the polish looks both in the sun and with a shadow cast on it.  As you can see, the color stays pretty much the same - always navy, always a true blue.

And here is the color on all of my nails.  I adore this color!  Rich and deep for the season, but not as stark as a true black.

So if you're in the market for a pretty Navy polish, check out China Glaze's First Mate.  I don't think you'll be disappointed!  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!
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