L'Oréal Mousse Absolue Automatic Reusable Hair Color

Hey guys!  Over the past year or so I have been getting highlights in my VERY dark brown hair.  I have started getting some grey (well, white to be more accurate) hair and it has been kind of hard to cover it.  Like I said, my hair is naturally a very dark brown, but I didn't want to put a box color on my hair and have just one, flat color.  Also, I didn't want to end up with that dreaded blue-black super fake looking color that you see occasionally - not cute.  So, I decided to get some soft, natural looking highlights.  But inevitably over time, the highlights got lighter and lighter and became more and more noticeable.  That, in turn, made my roots and grow out line so obvious as well.  I have never been one to go to the salon on a regular basis, as I have always had very low-maintenance hair styles (long layers).  With the highlights I was having to go every 6-8 weeks to get my roots done, and it was between $100 - $120 each time, depending on if I needed a haircut or not.  What I basically decided to do to my hair was put a multi-dimensional medium brown color on it that would both lighten my roots/cover the grey and slightly darken my highlights to make everything much more subtle....without giving me one flat color.  I found this new hair dye by L'Oreal, it's called the Mousse Absolue Automatic Reusable Hair Color.  The shade I chose was 500 Pure Medium Brown.

What I really like about this color is that if you don't use all of the product, you can use it again at a later date (up to a year).  I have a LOT of hair, so it took the whole can to cover mine this time.  I wanted to put it all over to tone everything down.  Next time I will mainly just be focusing on my roots, so one bottle will do me at least 2 more times.  The product itself is a mousse and it is super easy to apply.  You get a ton of product and it covers really well and goes a long way.  The only thing I will mention is it looks really, really, really dark.  When I was putting it on my hair I was like ohhhh no, this is going to be jet-black.  That's what it looked like.  But once I rinsed it out and my hair dried, it was much lighter.

(A photo from a recent blog post.  You can see the beautiful highlights (I really loved them) and the not so beautiful dark roots.  My hair is simply too dark to highlight, as it is way too much work and $$$ to maintain).

And here is how it turned out.  I know this isn't the best pic, but I haven't taken many photos the past couple of weeks.  I don't know if you can tell, but the color is very multi-dimensional.  A lot of the highlights still show, but there is no telltale line of where the highlights start.  Everything is much softer and much more blended.  

Hope this helps any of you who are in the same boat that I am.  This is excellent hair color and I recommend it to anyone.  I purchased mine at Wal-Mart for around $13, but it is available at most drugstores as well.  That might sound kind of expensive for a box color, but if you don't have a ton of long hair like me, or you're just looking to do your roots, this will actually be very handy and economical.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!
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