Florida Family Vacation 2014 - Disney World, Universal Studios, Cocoa Beach

Hey everybody!  We just got back from a fun-filled week in Florida, and I thought I would share some photos of the fam out and about on some of our excursions.  It was so great to be able to spend the time with those that I love, and make memories together that we can cherish always.  We always take my niece and nephew for a summer vacation to Orlando, but each year different members of my family have started going and we absolutely LOVE having as much of the gang together as we can. 

My mama and my uncle

It was my aunt's first time flying.  She did a great job!  Well, minus the barf bags and the chemical and physical restraints.  Other than that, she was such a trooper!  (Haha, I'm only kidding.  She really did do just fine)

My first cousin and my nephew <3

My brother and my niece

Stopped for a photo-op with the pilot since it was my cousin's first flight.  And even though we have flown with my niece and nephew numerous times, I don't think we've ever took a photo with one of the pilots.

Just touching down in The Sunshine State!

Pool fun!

There were 5 kids with us on the trip, they really enjoyed dinner at Benihana!

David and my uncle <3

Bubble fun in the jacuzzi, lol

Light up mouse ears at Downtown Disney!

Lego fun at Downtown Disney

Every time we go to Orlando we always fit in a day at the beach.  Always.
My brother, mom, and David

Me and David = beach bums
On me:  Victoria's Secret black lace swim coverup, Forever 21 Fedora, 
knockoff Prada sunglasses (I never take the real ones to the beach)

I always wear a hat to the beach, either a big floppy one or a fedora.  They are great because you can just throw your hair up inside of them and at the end of the day when you take it off, no salt and grime in your hair.  Plus they protect from the sun and shade your eyes, etc.

Me and my girl (niece) with our annual beach pic.
On me:  Victoria's Secret "Beach Party" low back tee, American Eagle cutoff shorts, Havaiana flip flops

My brother (the hippie, lol) feeding the birds

He always loves the ocean

Universal Studios!

This year we only did the Islands of Adventure.  I absolutely love this theme park, best in Orlando in my opinion.

Cowabunga dude!

Us @ the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Of all the times I've been here (I think this is my 3rd?) I've never drank the Butterbeer.  Omgsh, so delicious.  Cheers!

Rain has never been a problem when we have went to Orlando.  It poured while we were at Universal, so of course we had to buy everybody these $8 ponchos, lol.  

All dressed up and ready to go to Magic Kingdom in her shirt she made at Disney Design-A-Tee.

This is my 4th trip to MK I think?  No matter how many times I've seen it or how many times I've been, looking at the castle always takes my breath.

Amusement park fun :-)

If you have never watched the "Wishes Nighttime Spectacular" firework show, then it's a definite must.....especially if you LOVE fireworks like I do.  Tip:  go find a spot to watch them early.  A HUGE crowd forms around the castle and it's hard to get a good spot to see them.  But when you do, it is amazinggggg.

During "Tinker Bell's Flight" you see Tinker Bell flit all over the castle and there is this amazing light show set to music.  The castle takes on so many different looks with all of the characters.  It is amazing.

My favorite!  Under the Sea with Ariel.

And the "Main Street Electrical Parade" to wrap up the night.  Lots of floats and lots of characters.  My favorite here was Cinderella in her stagecoach.  So beautiful!  

They were wore out after their day of fun.  How sweet is this picture???
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