What I Wore On My Disney Cruise | Formal Night, Excursions, Pajamas & More!

Hey guys!  We actually just got back from a Disney cruise to the Western Caribbean and I thought I would share some of the outfits I wore with you guys.  Every single outfit I wore worked out perfectly. I don't know if I've ever been more satisfied with my fashion on a trip.  So, if you are planning a cruise in your near future, maybe some of these things can give you some ideas. 

Boarding the ship
There are a few things you should keep in mind when you think about what you should wear on the day you board a cruise.  Most often your bags are taken by staff and later delivered to your room.  And, often times, that process can take a few hours.  I highly recommend wearing something comfortable and fun, just in case you are in it for several hours and in the event you also need to wear it for dinner.  This off the shoulder blue dress I found on Poshmark and I thought it made the perfect embarkation outfit.  I tossed my swimsuit and a bottle of sunscreen into my shoulder bag and off I went.  This little dress was light and comfy, but also worked as a swimsuit coverup.  I could have easily worn this to dinner, but, thankfully, my bags arrived at my room in plenty of time for me to change.

Dress:  (Poshmark) Indah Kamani Ruffle Edge Mini Dress
Flip Flops:  Haviana Slims
Ears:  Disney

A day at sea

Our first and last days on the ship were actually spent cruising at sea.  For these days I opted for comfortable tropical/nautical inspired pieces.  I didn't photograph my other day at sea look, but it consisted of an anchor print cardigan with a white tank and khaki shorts.

Dress:  Amazon
Sunglasses:  Amazon
Flip Flops:  Haviana Slims
Bag:  Cult Gaia

At the ship pool

As someone who has a history of melanoma (skin cancer), I try to cover up as much as possible while I'm in the sun.  That typically consists of a bathing suit with a coverup, a floppy hat and big sunglasses.

Coverup:  Victoria's Secret
Floppy hat:  Tuesday Morning
Swimsuit:  Forever 21
Flip Flops:  Haviana Slims


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