Destin Vacation 2016

Hey guys!  We just got back home a few days ago from a glorious 8 day vacation to one of our favorite locales, Destin.  Located on the panhandle of Florida, the Emerald Coast is easily one of the prettiest areas to visit in the US.  Powdery, white sands and crystal clear blue-green waters, it never fails to take our breath away at just how pretty it is here.  

I thought today I would share some of our photos with you, just to give you an idea of some of the stuff we like to do when we are in town, to give you some ideas on what you could do if you should ever visit the area.

We spent several days just relaxing on the beach.

This was our first time taking our doggie, Piper.  She didn't know what to think of the ocean!

With my niece and nephew <3

David & Gunnar parasailing!

Sand fun with my mama and niece.

We rented a pontoon one day and went out on the water.

While out on the boat we visited a place called Crab Island.  It's a giant sandbar just north of the Destin Bridge.  There are floating food vendors and lots of other things to do, but the biggest attraction is this floating obstacle coarse for kids.  It has two big trampolines, slides, and lots of other things for them to do.  My niece and nephew loved it!

No trip to Destin is complete without a trip to the Gulf Breeze Zoo to feed the giraffes!  This zoo is very intimate and you are able to interact with several of the animals.

We spent one day at Big Kahuna's Waterpark.  Who doesn't love a lazy river? <333

Destin Commons is an adorable section of town that we always love visiting.  Strings of lights zigzag the quaint little streets lined with shops and stores of every variety.  We caught a movie one night at the IMAX theater, spent one evening bowling at the Fish Bowl, and snacked on frozen yogurt as the sun set one night.

As far as restaurants go, we ALWAYS go to McGuire's Irish Pub two or three times while we are in town.  Not only is the food absolutely delicious, we love the atmosphere and the gift shop.

The kids under the lucky moose.  Can you see all of the dollars hanging from the ceiling?  The walls are COVERED in money!

We hung up our own dollars this time <3
I love funky t-shirts from restaurants, and McGuire's has such cute ones.
Where it is an Irish pub, they have lots of shamrock type souvenirs in their gift shop as well.  This is a real 4 leaf clover in this little keepsake.  LOVE.

(picture from yelp.com)
Lulu's is such an adorable place to go eat!  It was our first time ever going here, and every single one of us loved it.  The walls are open and you have a beautiful view of the ocean, lots of play area on the beach, and a wonderful live band.  Not only is the food scrumptious, but the ambience is great too!
Lulu is Lucy Buffet, Jimmy's youngest sister.  I love their t-shirts!

(picture from tripadvisor.com)
Boshamps is another wonderful restaurant to visit.  Lots of things to do outside while you wait on your table (cornhole, hammocks, etc.), and the food was delicious!

My niece pushing David in a hammock <3

Fudpuckers is a great place to take kids to eat, again, lots of things to do while you wait on a table.  We loved holding and meeting this 3 1/2 year old gator named Frank Ocean. Such a cute place!

Their gift shop is amazing.  I ADORE VW buses and campers and they have a ton of things like that!

And the number 1 place I recommend for a breathtaking view over the harbor while you dine would be Dewey Destin Harborside.  Perfection.
Thanks so much for sharing in our fun that we had on our vacation.  Let me know if you enjoy these things as well!!!


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