Cottage Farms Colorful Magic Carpet Sedum

Hey guys!  Today I wanted to talk about something a little different from my usual beauty banter, today I wanted to show you these succulents I've been loving.  This was actually a gift from my mother and she purchased them on QVC. 

What is it?
Basically it's this big tile of numerous types of succulents.  You can cut this up any way you want, and you can use these in a variety of different ways.  Our house is currently for sale, so where we will be moving I just put mine in pots to get them going.  I will probably end up transferring them after we get moved in, but for now that is what I have done.

These succulents are very hardy, a very common way to plant these is actually in between stepping stones in your garden.  Yes, you can walk on these!

The best part of these?  The lack of care that they require.  When you first get these planted you water them every other day for two weeks.  Then, it recommends that you water them a couple of time the first summer you plant them.  Then....wait for it....you do NOTHING.  They literally take care of themselves!  Gorgeous, colorful perennials that totally take care of themselves.

(Just so you can see what I did to get mine going)

I jotted down on my calendar that hangs on my fridge what days I will be watering mine, just to make sure I do it correctly.

Here are some photos of what these gorgeous plants will look like!

One tile gives you TONS of flowers.  I highly recommend checking this out!  You can watch a video telling more about these neat plants on the QVC site, just click here.
Happy planting!

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