Boom Boom Room Preparation, Sickness, Catching Up, And More!

Hey guys!  It's been a rough 3 or 4 days, I have some GI upset and then some. I think I'm finally on the mend, I was able I sleep straight through last night and not have to get up a million times to go to the bathroom.  Talk about something to be thankful for!  Even though I have been under the weather, that hasn't stopped me from getting quite a bit done.  Shampooing carpet, bathing doggies, dishes, laundry, litter boxes, etc. {Life is not always glamorous!}  Even though a woman gets sick, her responsibilities don't magically go away, lol. I've been organizing my makeup recently in preparation for my vanity table. Out of pure laziness I have put off and put off getting a space ready for it. I went ahead and made a place in one of the guest rooms ( I truly have no extra space here) and broke down and painted the wall a couple of days ago. 

I used Valspar in Very Berry.  I don't have a whole wall free, this is just enough room for my vanity and a shelf/chest. I hate the thoughts of having to drive to West Chester, Ohio to the closest Ikea to pick it up, but I can't keep putting it off. I will (hopefully) have my makeup storage complete this week. 

While I was at Lowe's getting my paint, I bought me a shelf for my antique kitchen decor. I have cats (very curious ones might I add), so I knew when I put up a shelf to display these delicate items that I had to put it up high and out of reach. That is why I decided to put it above my window.  Worked out perfectly - I can admire my things but I know they're safe! (I totally love aprons and cookbooks...as if you couldn't tell).  

I thought I would include a couple new things I've been using and enjoying. This AHA cream is from Walgreens. It's a gentle chemical exfoliant that feels great on your skin, and at $8 for 4 oz, it's a pretty good bargain. Love. 

Everything in my house has to have its place...including loose change. I love piggy banks (err, banks of any kind I suppose?!?!) to keep coins at bay. Found this adorable Hershey Kiss one at Walmart. So incredibly cute. 

A total game-changer in my manicure routine. I never do my nails that I don't use a top coat, but for some reason I have never been a base coat kind of gal. OMGsh, this totally blew me away. Totally extends your manicure, so much less chipping. And I guess it never hurts to keep polishes from staining your natural nail. It's by Revlon and available at Walmart or any drugstore. I think it was like 5 bucks. Best thing ever. 

While I've been sickly I've not done much in terms of beauty.  As for my nails this week, I used my cuticle remover to prep my nails, then did a single coat of OPI's Nail Strengthener. It's just a clear coat for your nails and it really helps with peeling. This is actually available at my Walmart now. It runs between $9-$10.  

That pretty much does it for now guys!  I've got lots of new stuff I'm gonna blog on in the next few days, plus my new makeup vanity/storage (hopefully).  Wish me luck in my journey to pick it up and then to put it together!  Thanks for taking the time out of your day to stop by, please come again soon!!!
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